Sunday, June 8, 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge UPDATE!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give an update on what I have been doing lately. I know I haven't posted in a while! A little while ago I started a nail art challenge and I keep forgetting to put them up here on the blog! I am making a mental note RIGHT NOW to start posting them here and not just on Instagram and Facebook lol 

So...there it is! You may notice it is the same challenge as the DAILY challenge...but I just do NOT have the time to do a daily one. lol Plus...I just hate spending so much time on my nails and having to take it off in just a day! lol are the challenges so far!!! Hope you like! lol 

Week 1: Red
 Week 2: Orange
 Week 3: Yellow
 Week 4: Green
 Week 5: Blue (Did cupcakes for my birthday week! lol)

Week 6: Purple (bonus cat photobomb!)

Ill be sure to post the weekly nail arts EVERY week from now on lol Check back next week for Black and White!!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Herbal Essences

I got a little sample of Hello Hydration Herbal Essences body was from Crowdtap to test out the other day!


Whoo! Who doesn't love showering? Right?! lol 

So I did the sniff nekkid and showered. lol 

And This. Stuff. Smells. AMAZING. 

If you have used the Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner...then you know what I am talking about! The combo of the Hello Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash would be just amazing..but sadly...I had no Hello Hydration in my I went with what I did have. lol 

My skin feels soft and very hydrated. Which it NEEDS right now...I had a sunburn the other day (first one of the year...yay!) and my arms got very dry...Not anymore though! They are now back to their normal state...possibly better lol 

My only the rate this body wash seems to disappear from the bottle in my shower. I do believe my boyfriend is getting into MY body wash!!! Which has been confirmed when I smelled suspiciously of Hello Hydration upon exiting the bathroom this morning. Glad to see that guys love it just as much...grrr. 

I truly love this body much so that I went out and purchased a full size bottle!!! Amazing I come!!! 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

John Freida Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray


I was overly excited about getting to test this!!! I have seen it in stores a few times but never got around to buying it...

Now...the name is long so say it with me...John Freida Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray. lol

You are supposed to spray 7-15 sprays onto wet or damp hair. NOT dry. It is very insistent upon that. 
So I hopped in the shower and when I got out, I sprayed 17 sprays onto my hair. (It said to start with 7-15 and add more as needed...I felt I needed a few more) 

Then It said to blow dry...well. I forgot that part until my hair was almost dry. So I ran into the bathroom...sure that any and all results at this point would be out the window...that I had completely ruined my review.....but no. My normally slightly wavy hair had air dried PIN straight. One quick blast with my blow dryer to get the remaining damp areas revealed shiny, soft hair that I swear I had already straightened...

The only giveaway was the bangs...which still showed the waviness. I am in love already at this case you can't tell. lol 

I turned my flat iron on and then turned the heat hair was already mostly need to abuse it to the level I usually do...

After straightening...

Not too much of a different but omg is it ever shiny. And there are NO fly aways.....none of my usual frizz or static. I love it. I truly love it. I NEED a bigger bottle of this stuff ASAP. 

Now...The bottle says that it lasts 3 days...OR until your next wash...which for me was 2 days total. ONLY because I got lazy and went to bed...and just slept an entire day away...curled up with my giant pink unicorn stuffed frog Bob...and all my pillows, blankets and other furry pets....I was sick! Sue me! lol the end of that second day...before I crawled into the hair was frizz free and still straight. (Slight brushing was needed to get it back to the sleek straightness that it was prior to me crawling into bed...)
I feel the need to mention...that that second day...was this morning....yea...I slept the last two days....but I feel better...and my hair is washed now thank you very much....and you better believe I am sitting here again with perfectly straight, fizz free hair!!! And I am sure that tomorrow it is going to look just as fabulous...when I go to the store and buy myself a full size bottle! lol 

Grade....A+!!!!!! I HIGHLY suggest you go out immediately and buy yourself a bottle!!! 


Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes


Ok. I am going to do my very very best to keep from being dismal and pessimistic in this entire post. But be warned...I do not like false lashes AT. ALL. So..needless to say...every opinion you see here is 110% my own, honest opinion of these things. Here we go...

I was the least excited about seeing these Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes in my J'Adore VoxBox...I don't wear fake lashes...ever. Not only because I find them WAY more trouble than they are ever worth...but because, in my opinion, once my eyes are all done up with mascara...I don't need falsies. My lashes happen to be somewhat thick and full all on their own after mascara...That and I have NEVER seen a pair of fake lashes that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous once on....they are always too noticeable and just...too fake for me. These claim to be "Looks so Natural" though...we'll see...

There they all their fake lash glory. They have Revolutionary Tapered End Technology...Feels Like You Own Lashes! My first reaction was to roll my eyes. Just being honest. 

But they look pretty thin...and I kept going. The lashes come with the basic lash glue with that annoying little plastic applicator and the lashes are stuck to the plastic back better than they will ever stick to your face...I ripped a few hairs out while trying to remove the lash from the back....wasn't really noticeable....

So I went ahead and took 15 minutes to attempt to apply one....and....finally. I got it on decently enough for a few pictures. Prepare yourself for the before and afters of my eye!!!


AFTER they made my lashes look a bit longer and somewhat fuller. But I just can't get over how they looked when I had my eye closed...Granted...the left side of the lashes wouldn't stick down right...but the rest of the lashes just look ridiculous. And I could FEEL them. I am not used to wearing fake lashes maybe the heavy, something is messing with my real lashes feeling is normal...either way...I don't like the feeling. 

The lashes did appear to be slightly better than those other fake lashes though. The color matched my natural lashes perfectly and they weren't overly they didn't give themselves away that way at all. 

Ease of applying was difficult as ever...but again...I don't wear falsies. Ever. 

I have seen other beauty bloggers claim these are the holy grail of lashes and that they are absolutely amazing. Which might be true. If you wear false lashes I would definitely say you should give these a try. They do seem to be natural feeling and looking. And even though they aren't my cup of tea...I think that a regular falsie wearer just might adore these. 

Thanks for reading! lol 

J'Adore VoxBox

Just wanted to post a quick pic of the entire J'Adore VoxBox!

I will be posting a review of everything but the Kisses either today or tomorrow at the latest! Check back to see those reviews! lol <3 

So far I have tried the Clay mask and found it to be pretty awesome. 

I am currently on day 2 of the John Frieda Frizz Ease and can already tell you there will be rave reviews. lol 

I have yet to try the Red Rose teas but plan on making myself up a cup tonight while I am writing out the other reviews...

I am currently munching on the Kisses...and honestly should stop because I have about 20 wrappers in front of me...

As for the Kiss Lashes....I am scared. I have had so many bad experiences with false lashes...they are either ridiculously hard to get on...or they look horribly fake once they are on that I end up ripping them right off. We shall see...These say they look "so natural"...lets hope they do! 

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask


Alright, with that out of the we go! 

I was a lucky recipient of the JaDore VoxBox from Influenster and was SO excited about all the awesome products that were in it! (The other products will each have their own posts)

Product number one was the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. Which is supposed to remove impurities and deeply cleanse skin with clarifying willowbark. #PowerofPlants!!! WHOO! 

So I got to work...The smell threw me off quite a bit at says it clarifies with willowbark...and well. It really smells like bark. It has a wet, earthy smell to it that I was not thrilled about spreading all over my face. 
The mask had a fine grit to it and was very liquid-y. Make sure you shake this mask before you apply it...I made that mistake and ended up with a lot of green liquid...all over my hands and shirt. Oops. lol 

It doesn't take much to cover your entire face. I put a quarter sized amount in the palm of my hand and used my fingers on my other hand to spread the mask evenly over my face. 
 I was left looking quite a bit like Shrek....

The mask dried fairly quickly. And it dries like mud...or clay. Go figure right? 
It was hard to move my face, the mask cracked and it seemed to be doing its job. 

Ten minutes ticked by and it was time to wash it off. Which I dreaded...but the mask was very easy to wash off and wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it would be! 

My skin was a bit softer and the dead skin I had all over from my cold I am getting over was mostly gone. My skin also feels slightly cleaner and refreshed.
All in all I would say that this is a nice mask! It did what it said it would do and is unique. Very different from the fruity smelling masks I am used to! 
I will be using up the rest of this bottle and possibly buying another. 
I haven't been able to find this in any stores around me but it can be purchased from the Boots site HERE for $9.39


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day!

WOW. Valentine's Day is tomorrow...I swear it sneaks up on me every year. Maybe because from the first moment I see all that pink and red overpriced candy in stores I completely tune it out lol Either way...I finally got around to doing a Valentine nail art. Enjoy! 

The pink I used is Bubblegum by L.A. Girl Color POP